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At Plum Bistro, Seattle. My first vegan brunch.

SPINACH & YAM CREPE sautéed kale, smoked tofu, spanish almonds, balsamic dressing G/F (So good!)

After meditating consistently for a while now (daily or almost), and being around so many wonderful people that do so at my local Buddhist Center, I think I was just ready for this as big leap I never thought I would take, mainly out of compassion. I started moving towards this taking on the buddhist principle of not killing insects inside my home because as I heard it being put by our Kelsang “They’re just being insects.” It was cute, and made sense so I stopped killing things, and did feel better. More purposeful. At first this point of view kind of annoyed me honestly. Like I would go to this Buddhist center’s bathroom and would always see tons of spiders hanging out in a corner. Buddhists love their spiders. But then, is it really more normal to kill them? What if I loved spiders and rats, and all living things as well? Just feel love towards everything since they’re just being. Trying to be. Just like us. As cheesy as it sounds. Then this girl at my class mentioned she was a vegan, and of course, I’ve met other vegans before, but this time I felt genuinely interested and after a 10 min conversation it was clear that this is who I am. It’s been two weeks since I became or converted, and I’m very pleased and sure. Excited actually, and it’s been surprisingly easy. These past two weeks I’ve traveled to Seattle and Mexico and there were so many great places in Seattle, and though less of them in Mexico, they were very willing to make it happen at the W Hotel (where production had us stayed 😉 classy, I know). I would like to invite anyone who’s curious about it, even just a little bit, to try it for a week or two. Worse thing that can happen is helping the planet’s survival. And that itself, at least for me, has been revitalizing and energizing. Besides honestly, I’ve tasted some of the best plates of my life because vegan cooking forces vegan cooks (I’m not there yet) to be highly creative. It’s a culinary adventure actually! And there’s always love involved in the making because someone had to care enough about all this to do it. It’s a beautiful choice that comes from awareness and I strongly encourage everyone to try it.

Here’s a link on WHY GO VEGAN

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