deforestation2 I decided to make my cover picture on FB something informative on deforestation because, why not? I might as well use that space for something other than self-promotion or something random I liked. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ve done it in the past, and felt good about it, but this time I was just inspired to do this. So when looking at pictures I found this one (left), which was the only one that fit there enough to make sense, btw. I saw soy was up there with palm oil and beef as the biggest causes of deforestation. That worried me because although there’s a lot of other meat substitutes aside from tofu, still, let’s face it, when eating out, unless it’s a vegan or vegetarian “super-into-it place”, tofu is usually the only substitute. Sometimes not even grains. Same with soy milk. Plus I love edamame. Finally I gave myself the time to do a little research and it was pretty easy to find that though yes, soy is the biggest producer of of deforestation, soy is only up there because there is an incredibly unnecessary amount produced TO FEED THE COWS FOR BEEF. “Around 70% of the world’s soy is fed directly to livestock and only 6% of soy is turned into human food, which is mostly consumed in Asia. The rest of soy is turned into soybean oil.”(quote source). If we planted soy just for human consumption such as to produce tofu, we’d be good. So I’m so happy to conclude that choosing tofu, and any plant substitute for that matter is ALWAYS BETTER THAN BUYING AND CONSUMING ANIMAL PRODUCTS. In every sense, for you and for everyone else in this planet. #relief #eatfortheplanet               meatfarrel

Love, Mia

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